All social media is not created equally. The key is to understand where your audience is gathering and how to engage them so you achieve your business goals.

As part of our core consulting service, we perform a full assessment to understand what goals you want to achieve, where the gaps are in achieving them, and how social media can fill the gaps (and where it can’t). We then make specific recommendations about a range of social media platforms, strategic approaches to using those platforms, and training where appropriate.

Bottom line – We help companies accomplish their goals by prioritizing and simplifying the use of social media.

Our most successful engagements incorporate the following framework:

  • Clear business goals – We ask questions to understand your goals. “At the end of six months we want to be…here.” 
  • Gap analysis – We assess specific metrics in multiple categories to determine how effectively your company is using social media to meet your goals.
  • Planning – We help you develop a plan with milestones and metrics that lead to success with your business goals.
  • Building The Foundation – We help you make sure your “house is staged” before you invite guests. Every employee offers insights into your company by virtue of their online image. Give visitors a clear, complete, and compelling image when they peek in the windows.
  • Organizational enablement  – We train and certify your employees to have not only the mechanical skills, but the awareness and acumen to execute your social media strategy.
  • Monitoring – Social media is not a discrete event; it’s a journey. As you execute your plan, you’ll need to adjust your course.

Take a look at our consulting and training services below to see how we can help your organization leverage social media to achieve its goals.

Social Media for the Sales Professional

  • Use the power of the LinkedIn® network to build your brand and connect to customers.

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Social Media for the HR Professional

  • Lower your total recruitment cost and connect to hard to find talent fast using LinkedIn®.

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Social Media for the Business Professional

  • Leverage the power of a connected organization to promote a consistent company image.

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