Karin Wiberg

10 Ways to Repurpose Your Blog

You have a blog. You post regularly. But it feels like there ought to be more you can do with it… You’re right. Here are 10 ways you can reuse the blog content you’ve created.   Inspired yet? Maybe this quote will help. There are some images that I will only use once, and not…

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Are you ready to commit to a blog?

You think you want to join the blogosphere. Before you commit, let’s talk logistics. How frequent should blog posts be? A few of us can get away with posting something every six months because we are geniuses upon whose word the world hangs (cough cough), but most of us need to demonstrate some consistency in…

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Does your business really need a blog?

Nope, your business doesn’t really need a blog. But…if you find yourself in any of these situations, you might want to consider one! You want to build credibility Credibility tops my list of reasons for business blogging. When you hand someone a business card that sends them to your website, or when they find you…

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