Facebook vs LinkedIn ~ Who is your Sugar Daddy?

Facebook vs LinkedIn ~ Who is your Sugar Daddy?

It is not often I share infographs that have been published by the original source but this one captured my attention for a second glance while doing some new research. I have always professed that LinkedIn offers significantly more value to your career than Facebook. Well here is a great reminder of how much of significance LinkedIn is above Facebook – by the numbers.

As you review notice the top half of the graph demonstrates more users, connections, and time spent on Facebook over LinkedIn. But that is as far Facebook can brag. When you dig deeper into those numbers notice the bottom half of the graph breaks down by the age groups, education, and household income.

  • On Facebook there are more people under the age of 25 than on LinkedIn. However, those younger users on Facebook are not influencers, job-creators, or decision makers that can hire or buy from you like LinkedIn members can!
  • On LinkedIn the ratio of highly educated people is higher than the members on Facebook. I suspect that’s because the ratio of Facebook users do not attend college or fail to graduate because they waist an average of 15:30 (min:sec) a day more than LinkedIn users.
  • And to top it off, LinkedIn members earn more money than Facebook members. That’s because LinkedIn has highly educated members over the age of 25 who earn more income than…well you know who.

See below, the numbers speak for themselves.

Now who’s your Sugar Daddy?

Source: OnlineCollege.org

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