Job hunter’s top 3 tips when applying for job via LinkedIn

Job hunter’s top 3 tips when applying for job via LinkedIn

Each month I find new tools and websites for finding and applying for jobs that claim to streamline the application process and get your resume on top of the bin. And most often I find them little to no value as a job seeker as they complicate the process more and spend too much time trying to figure it all out.

So last year when I heard about LinkedIn’s new application process they released in the fall of 2011 for applying on company websites, my skepticism guard came up again. I thought about how much trouble I would have to go through to edit my profile for each job I applied for. I have a belief that every job is unique and so should my resume be to best fit the description the hiring manager seeks.

Be it that I am an advocate of LinkedIn, I should at least give it the benefit of the doubt. I knew I had to review over this new process from two perspectives – the Job Poster and the Job Applicant side.

Job Poster-

This is the individual who would use the tool to place on their company job board. It would either be an IT administrator or a savvy HR / hiring manager. LinkedIn offers the employer to ability to either use an existing ATS (applicant tracking system) or use the plugin generator page to get the embed code on their website.  Following through both processes it appears simple enough to do for an IT administrator to use.  The ATS is the best way to go if a recruiting firm or hiring companies use a compatible system.

This new tool allows recruiters and HR organizations to have standard fields in their data base so they may rank and sort applicants. A very effective and highly efficient method of screening for top talent.

Job Applicant-

Obviously this is for the individual that is seeking to gain employment at the company posting the job.  Reviewing over their video tutorial it appears to be very simple. I took a look at a company that actively is using this plugin*.  Below is a cropped screen shot of what you will see if you apply for a specific opportunity on their job board. (*demonstration purpose only – this is a job posting that no longer exists from Netflix)


LinkedIn Job Application Button


The big blue button cannot be missed here. So click on it to proceed to answer all the props to submit your application.

Now before you run off to use this application process there are some important points you need to consider before you begin using your LinkedIn profile to apply for jobs.  Here are three top tips you must consider:

  1. Complete your profile! Make it 100% and nothing less. This time it is your resume being submitted and if it is incomplete, the HR person or hiring manager will know it immediately and click on “delete” to your application.
  2. Good photo of YOU. Regardless if your comfort level with your looks, now is critical to make a good impression. Show the hiring manager who they will meet at the lobby when you arrive for that interview. Don’t let them meet you and your wife at the beach, your dog Ruff with an adorable face, or the kids at the waterpark.
  3. Review your recommendations.  Be sure you have recommendations that reflect the performance driven person that contributed to your prior employers and managers.  Not having recommendations that sing praises about you with no details of why you are a stellar candidate is a good way to get screened out. So work on those “gold nuggets” known as recommendations.


Have you reviewed over your profile recently?  Does your photo reflect a true professional with a smile?

About the Author

William Blackmon is founder and CEO of Apogee Social Media Group. His knowledge and experience specific to the LinkedIn platform, has made him one of the most sought after trainers and consultants for individuals, companies, and universities in the area. William is an entrepreneur and open networker willing to accept your invitation to connect if you personalize your message stating how you found his name and what he can do to assist you. Click on picture to send invite.