LinkedIn Profile Cloning is Legit!

LinkedIn Profile Cloning is Legit!

Have you ever thought to clone yourself on LinkedIn with a second or a third profile?
For those who know me, you are probably cringing at the thought of me actually breaking one of my own rules of LinkedIn etiquette. Well, you know me too well because I just don’t do it.

But legitimately LinkedIn will allow you create multiple LinkedIn profiles and not violate their Terms of Service (ToS) agreement. You’re probably wondering, “How is this possible, William?”
It’s simple – just create another profile in a different language. Yes, folks that’s the catch. It can only be done in another language.

For many of you in the United States, the ‘melting pot of the world’, your profile being searchable in your native tongue is a huge asset to expand your network in your native country. LinkedIn profiles are particularly great for international students studying in the U.S. with intentions to return to their home countries.

While striving for higher education, students can create fully optimized and unique LinkedIn profiles in any of the 40+ different languages LinkedIn supports. Linguists with diverse cultural experiences have a big advantage by connecting and communicating with business leaders, recruiters, and human resource professionals in other countries.

Let’s get to the meat of this tease and show you how to clone your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1. In the LinkedIn navigation tool bar, click on “Profile” to view yourself.

Step 2. Click on the down arrow to the right of the “Edit Profile” blue button.

Step 3. Select “Create profile in another language”.

Steps 1 to 3 -Creating multiple LinkedIn profiles on Apogee Social Media Group blog


Step 4. Select the language you wish your clone LinkedIn profile to appear in.

Step 5. Select “Create Profile”

Step 4 & 5  - Creating multiple LinkedIn Profiles on Apogee Social Media blog

Pay close attention here. Once you select “Create Profile” at Step 5 above, you will be offered a view of your profile still shown in English while in edit mode. LinkedIn does not convert your English text to your choice of language. You will have to manually change all the text. You can either hand type your text, or get a text translator to do it for you. I discovered several good options at the Google Chrome web store for free. These ONLY work if you use Google’s Chrome web browser.

Once you create your profile in another language you will have multiple “clone” profiles. Your English profile will remain your primary version, and you cannot change your primary profile to another language. It can only be cloned. To make edits to any of your clone profiles, follow these additional steps:

Step 6. In the LinkedIn navigation tool bar, hover over “Profile” and select “Edit Profile.”
Step 7. To the right margin you will see the various languages your profile is in. Select the appropriate one to edit.

When you edit any one of your “clone” profiles, the others are not affected; their text will remain the same.

Edit your duplicate LinkedIn profiles on Apogee Social Media Group blog

As you can see, the process is simple. You can expect the most difficult part of having multiple “clone” profiles is managing what each ones states about you. Be mindful of how proper grammar in your native written language differs from the way English is written, so you communicate your best professional portfolio in the #1 professional networking platform in the world.

To learn more about how to create or delete a profile in another language visit the official LinkedIn website.

Feel free ask questions about this process, or share how you plan to use your “clone” profile in your native language.


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William Blackmon is founder and CEO of Apogee Social Media Group. His knowledge and experience specific to the LinkedIn platform, has made him one of the most sought after trainers and consultants for individuals, companies, and universities in the area. William is an entrepreneur and open networker willing to accept your invitation to connect if you personalize your message stating how you found his name and what he can do to assist you. Click on picture to send invite.