LinkedIn’s legal Mumbo-Jumbo simplified!

LinkedIn’s legal Mumbo-Jumbo simplified!

Legal Mumbo JumboRecently a customer asked how all the recent changes LinkedIn has made to its User Agreement and Terms of Service documentation impacts him. Well, I am here to oblige by reading and simplifying all that legal mumbo-jumbo in a summarized list for you in less than 190 words. To the point, nothing changed that I find extremely alarming or endangering to your privacy. However, my disclosure to you is that I am no attorney. Read and believe at your own risk:

LinkedIn User Agreement (UA) update:

  • This update concatenates the necessary legal documents from LinkedIn’s most recent acquisition of Slide Share and Pulse, so it’s all under the same UA umbrella. Read more here.
  • The UA now includes simple Chinese language regarding LinkedIn’s obligation to abide by China’s government laws to remove certain content that the China government deems to be inappropriate. Basically, LinkedIn is informing its members that China’s government still rules as a communist nation. Read more here.

LinkedIn updates the Privacy Policy:

  • Legal language is further clarified to explain that LinkedIn will inform its members of demands from the US Government if it is ever requested.  Earlier revisions were too broad and vague. Read more here.
  • Legal language is updated in one section to reflect its recent corporate solutions by formal titles. This mostly impacts its corporate, premium subscribers. Read more here.
  • Legal language is updated to include your mobile phone number and devices, since members use those to access LinkedIn through its mobile apps. Read more here.

LinkedIn updated its Transparency Report:

  • This update includes details about when and the volume of requests received from the US Government of LinkedIn’s members’ details to be released for security reasons. Read more here.

Now that is a wrap!


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