What Happened To My LinkedIn Group E-Mail Digests?

What Happened To My LinkedIn Group E-Mail Digests?

Last week’s security breach on LinkedIn’s site disrupted more than just 6.5 million user accounts. It appears to have interrupted the daily and weekly LinkedIn group e-mail digests beyond the affected LinkedIn users that currently subscribe to groups. I would not interpret this as a breach but a security measure LinkedIn is staying on top of the problem until they resolve their security holes. There is no confirmation from them on the issue but stay tuned.

In the meantime, this might be a good opportunity for you to review over those e-mail settings for each LinkedIn group you are a member of. For example, do you commonly get an e-mail from a LinkedIn group that you constantly “delete” in your inbox? Have you ever wanted to separate your LinkedIn group e-mails from your other daily messages? Well here is how you take care of that –

Step 1. While logged into your LinkedIn account, find the list of groups you are a member of by selecting “Groups” (red arrow) then “Your Groups” (blue arrow) in the LinkedIn navigation tool bar.

Step 1

Step 2. Identify the group you wish to change the e-mail settings on and select the name. You will be directed to that group page.

Step 2











Step 3. Notice under the title of the group a sub-menu appears with additional details for navigating around that group. Scan over the right to find “More…” (red arrow) and select it. You will see a pull down menu appear. Scroll down the menu and select “Your Settings” (blue arrow)

Now you can make various group setting changes. For example, let’s say you wish to change the frequency of e-mail digests you receive from this group.

Step 3

Step 4a. Under “Contact Settings” find “Delivery Frequency”. Select the down arrow to change between “Daily e-mail digest” or “Weekly e-mail digest” (blue arrow):

Step 4a

Special note: Unfortunately you cannot assign the time of day or the day of the week to have these e-mail digests delivered to you. Hopefully LinkedIn has that in the plans for future updates – HINT, HINT, LinkedIn if you are listening.


Or let’s say you prefer to stop receiving e-mail digests from the group all together-
Step 4b. Then deselect the box “Send me a digest of all activity in this group” (yellow arrow):

Step 4b

Or what if you prefer to have e-mail digests sent to a different e-mail address?

Step 4c. Under the E-mail settings, select the down arrow to the right and chose another e-mail you have registered with your LinkedIn account (see green arrow). If you do not have this down arrow option then you only have one e-mail registered with your LinkedIn account. Want to add another e-mail address to have this option? Select “Add a new email address »”. How-to steps for that process I will save for another day:

Step 4c

As you can see LinkedIn offers you flexibility in group settings to help you manage information flow for the various groups you’re a member of. Use these tips to control the chaos of postings, messages, polls, responses, and solicitation memos from group managers while you continue to increase your network and influence on LinkedIn.

Please be patient with the LinkedIn engineering team’s reactivation of the scheduled digests while they focus on resolving LinkedIn security issues.


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